Matza Factory & The Passover Experience TRIP

The Model Matzah Bakery is a show about the story of the exodus and baking experience that takes place at 741 Gayley Ave, 90024
The Model Matzah Bakery is an opportunity for children and adults to experience the story of Passover in a fun and interactive way, and at the same time learn how to and actually make their very own Matzah.
Every participant will come home with a special Matzah “Baker’s Hat” and their very own hand made Matzah!

SCHEDULE: * Please note Symphony Circle for April is on this date NOT on April 3rd

Sunday April 10th

Music Circle begins at 10:00 promptly

We will be leaving VFC site @ 10:30 to

741 Gayley Ave Westwood 90024

Passover Experience begins at 11:15

Parents are encouraged and welcome to come.

Returning from Westwood at 12:20
Arriving back at Studio City by 12:45
VFC will provide Snacks & Drinks
$20 per child

*Permission Slip required
See Below


I ______________hereby give _________________ permission to attend the Matzah Bakery & Passover Experience

on Sunday, April 10th. I am aware that we will be meeting at 3816 Laurel Canyon Blvd and leaving to 741 Gayley and returning back to Studio Ciry by approximately 12;45.

I can[] cannot [] drive with my child and can[] cannot[] drive other children.

My cell number in case of emergency is _______________

I, myself and on behalf of my child, release the Valley Friendship Circle and the employees, directors, officers and volunteers as well as other organizations associated with the VFC from any and all claims of liability arising out of this participation.

Parents Signature