"E. adores H. and the time and attention he gives E. Thank you for what you do. It touches the lives of the individuals who deal with special needs as well as their families" -H

"Thanks to the Sunday Circle my youngest son, who is mildly autistic is starting to interact with other children...  his one on one interaction has become much better since joining the Sunday Circle last year."

“We really enjoy the sessions and our girls look forward to it!”

“This program is so fun for our children and we love having some time for ourselves Sunday Morning”
G.H. and J.V. moms (after returning from their “outing” while their sons stayed at the program with our volunteers)

"Thank you... It's a pleasure to participate in the Friendship Circle, - such a great cause......!" -M.B. mother of volunteer

"Being a volunteer for VFC for three and a half years has really left its mark. Firstly, I feel I've gained a sense of responsibility and commitment that is so crucial- and just by arranging a time to meet every Sunday. Secondly, I know this experience has definitely touched upon my patience and care for children. Not just by playing with the cutest twin girls ever, but by first hand seeing how their parents calmly took care of every situation. I can totally say I've come out of this a different person :)" 
R.K. volunteer

"Friendship comes from friends, now my child has friends."

"Through the Valley Friendship Circle, E. has been blooming. She has gained more knowledge about religion and excited for Jewish holidays, helps out around the house. With Valley Friendship Circle, E. can do activities and sports she usually can not do at home.

"Because of E.’s friends at VFC, she is happier and confident. It becomes easier for her to make friends in school and invite friends over the house. She is excited to go to school. Any mom would be ecstatic, like me, in seeing their child transform for the better. I see happier child, a new person. I like the VFC organization because I like the administrators and volunteers. I send my only child off with the volunteers to the VFC events, and I know she is in good hands. I am comfortable to send her, and I do not worry; they take care of my beloved child.  If you ask E. she will say how happy she is and how she has a lot of friends.  A simple thank you is so small compared to all the gratitude I feel to the Valley Friendship Circle."
-L.A. mother of VFC child participant