I cannot emphasize how much fun my daughter had camp. Every day she would tell me about all the wonderful activities she participated in. She made so many friends, and couldn't wait to go back the very next day. I can't say she had one specific favorite activity, because when you ask her, she names a list of things she loved about camp. I'm so grateful to have found this gem of a place where her autism was accepted, which made me feel confident she was in good hands.     


    Working at ESMACH has been such a wonderful experience for me. Going in, I had envisioned a week full of running after kids and tying shoes. Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty and inspiration that I found at ESMACH. Under Chanie's loving leadership, all of the girls, volunteers and campers alike, found friendship and joy at every turn. There were many points throughout the day when I felt absolutely touched to be a part of this special organization. Through emphasis on acceptance and values of each individual Jewish woman, every person had her moment to shine. I am so thankful to Chabad of Studio City, The Valley Friendship Circle, and above all else, the Baitelmans, for creating an atmosphere that was so conducive to growth and fun. I look forward to many more events in the future, and would be delighted if ESMACH was a full summer experience.


Thank you, R.C.


    The friendship summer circle was a truly life changing experience. It requires me to reach beyond myself and connect to the friends and volunteers on a deeper level. Activities were not just fun and engaging, but each served a rich and unique purpose in expanding relationships and experiences.